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Orland Park Poorly Maintained Truck Accident Lawyers

Orland Park Poorly Maintained Truck Accident Lawyers

Personal Injury Attorneys for Trucking Accident Victims in Homer Glen

Maintenance and loading issues contribute to a large percentage of truck crashes. A Michigan Fatal Accident Complaint Team (FACT) study of more than 400 trucks involved in accidents found over one-third of the tractor-trailers should have already been pulled from service due to maintenance defects. Improper load balance and ineffective cargo stabilization also add considerable danger.

If you were injured in a truck wreck, or if a family member lost their life in a trucking collision, Schwartz Injury Law attorneys are ready to begin a full investigation into any and all contributing factors. We will hold any negligent parties accountable, and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Truck Maintenance and Loading

In the aforementioned post-crash FACT inspections, common violations present in semi trucks included:

  • Brakes: 33%
  • Headlights, marker lights, and turn signals: 23%
  • Tires: 15%

Even with perfectly functioning brakes, at 65 mph, a semi can take more than 500 feet to come to a complete stop, and an air brake leak may add distance that proves catastrophic in a crash. Light and signal malfunctions can put fellow vehicles at increased risk, especially when the affected semi switches lanes. Tires with too little or too much air pressure, and mismatched or excessively worn tires can cause blowouts that create an unavoidable hazard for other drivers.

Truck cargo must be secured with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration-approved devices. Placing too much weight on the steering axle can impact steering and cause tire damage. Too little weight on the front axle can reduce steering ability and traction. Loading cargo too high may cause a rollover, which is an accident more common with flatbed trucks, on which loads have a greater tendency to shift side-to-side.

Failure in any of these areas presents a heightened chance for a truck accident. Schwartz Injury Law can assess whether any played a role in your collision.

Trucking Accident Liability

Multiple individuals or businesses may be liable for your accident caused by improper maintenance or loading. Freight loaders, mechanics, truck leasing companies and trucking employers could be found complicit.

Negligence may be proven if a malfunctioning truck was kept in service or if necessary inspections did not occur. Our lawyers can investigate company, driver and vehicle histories, to determine negligence in a single wreck or a pattern of irresponsible behavior.

Other Factors in Trucking Accidents

Improper truck loading and maintenance could be one of multiple reasons a truck or its cargo hit your vehicle. Other contributing factors in truck crashes include:

Schwartz Injury Law can help determine who and what played a role in the accident that impacted you, and pursue compensation for your physical and emotional hardship. Previous individual truck accident settlements and verdicts include awards up to $10.95 million for our clients.

Contact Oak Forest Attorneys Skilled in Truck Accident Claims

An investigation by our lawyers can determine if negligence led to the accident that injured you. Trust Schwartz Injury law for your truck injury claim, and contact an Orland Park personal injury attorney at 708-888-2160 for a free consultation. We serve clients throughout northern Illinois, including but not limited to Tinley Park, Oak Lawn, Homer Glen, Chicago Ridge, Blue Island, Hazel Crest, Frankfort, and Lockport.

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