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Orland Park Speeding Truck Accident Lawyers

Orland Park Speeding Truck Accident Lawyers

Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Truck Crash Victims In Tinley Park

Around 4,000 people are killed and 100,000 more injured each year due to commercial motor vehicle crashes. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Large Truck Crash Causation Study found that 23 percent of large trucks crashes were at least partially caused by truck drivers going too fast for road conditions.

Due to their massive size and weight, the devastation caused by speeding semi-trucks is unrivaled on our roadways. With interstates crisscrossing the Chicago area, danger often lurks, especially during bad weather. If you or a loved one were injured in a truck crash, or if a family member lost their life in a trucking accident, Schwartz Injury Law will fight to secure justified compensation to reduce the tremendous financial burden accident victims often face.

Speeding in Truck Accidents

More than 1,000 lives are lost each year because of speeding commercial vehicles. When a large truck collides with a regular-sized passenger vehicle, those passengers often face dire odds. In 2016, passenger vehicle occupants accounted for 66 percent of trucking crash deaths, compared to 17 percent for tractor-trailer occupants and 16 percent for pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists.

Many accidents are caused by speeding trucks and truck drivers who maintain an unsafe following distance. A normal passenger vehicle that weighs 4,000 pounds, going 65 mph under ideal conditions, takes 316 feet to come to a full stop. A loaded semi weighing 80,000 pounds with the same conditions takes 525 feet to stop, nearly the distance of two football fields.

With that average semi stopping distance, even semi drivers who go the speed limit have trouble avoiding a crash. Excessive speed compounds that danger significantly, as does the lag common in semi air brakes, which act much slower than the brakes on small cars and trucks. Schwartz Injury Law can utilize reports from the scene to file a lawsuit that illustrates how excessive speed contributed to the injuries you sustained in a truck wreck.

Other Factors in Trucking Accidents

Speed might be only one of the reasons a truck or its contents collided with your vehicle. Other common contributors in truck wrecks include:

Schwartz Injury Law attorneys can help discover exactly who and what played a role in the accident that injured you, and pursue the compensation you deserve. Our previous truck accident settlements and verdicts include individual awards up to $10.95 million for our clients.

Liability in Trucking Accidents

There may be one or several parties liable for your accident beyond the truck driver. The freight loaders, maintenance mechanics, truck leasing company and trucking employer could be proven negligent.

In past cases, truck drivers and companies have been found negligent due to unsafe driving practices, keeping a malfunctioning and dangerous truck in service, failing to complete mandated inspections and more. Our attorneys can examine the entire history of the company, driver and vehicle, to determine fault in single wreck or a pattern of derelict behavior.

Contact Oak Forest Attorneys Skilled in Truck Accident Claims

Our lawyers know trucking industry regulations and procedures, so they can conclude if negligence caused the accident that impacted your life. Trust Schwartz Injury law for your truck injury claim, and contact an Orland Park personal injury attorney at 708-888-2160 for a free consultation. We serve clients throughout northern Illinois, including but not limited to Oak Lawn, Homer Glen, Justice, Bridgeview, McCook, Bedford Park, Summit, Hodgkins, Countryside, Mokena and Lockport.

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