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Amputation Injuries Involving Construction Workers

 Posted on March 31, 2023 in Construction Accidents

Orland Park, IL Construction Accident Injury AttorneysThe construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Construction workers are required to work with massive machinery, atop dizzyingly high structures, and in very unstable environments. They are prone to a variety of serious injuries that can lead to disability or death.

Equipment or machine malfunctions, struck-by accidents, severe falls, and structural collapses are just some of the ways that construction workers may suffer catastrophic injuries. Amputations are one of the most damaging injuries construction works can sustain on the job.

Severe Injuries Leading to Amputation of a Limb

When a hand, foot, arm, or leg is severely injured in a construction accident, there may be nothing that doctors can do to save the injured body part. The only option may be amputation of the injured limb. This surgery can have a huge impact on a worker’s life, as they may no longer be able to do their job or even perform basic everyday tasks. The worker may suffer from excruciating pain, numbness, or even "phantom limb syndrome," a condition in which the patient feels as if their amputated limb is still there.

The psychological implications of an amputation are like no other type of injury. Losing a body part can be deeply dispiriting, and the worker may need to undergo intense rehabilitation in order to learn how to adjust to their new life. Many workers who suffer amputations require mental health treatment, such as counseling to cope with the emotional and psychological distress.

Financial Compensation for Medical Expenses and Pain and Suffering

Individuals who suffer amputation injuries usually require surgery, extensive medical treatment, physical and occupational therapy, prosthetics or other medical devices, and other expensive medical care. Construction workers may be entitled to compensation for the medical bills and ongoing medical costs resulting from the amputation. They may also be entitled to compensation for lost wages and lost earning capacity.

Non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and other intangible losses resulting from the amputation, may also be recoverable through a personal injury claim.

Contact our Cook County Construction Worker Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one suffered an amputation or other catastrophic injury on a construction site, contact Schwartz Injury Law to explore your legal options. If another party's negligence led to the injury, that party may be liable for damages. Our experienced Orland Park construction worker injury lawyers can help you seek and obtain the compensation you deserve for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other losses. Call us today for a free consultation at 708-888-2160.


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