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Chronic Pain After a Car Accident: Your Legal Options

 Posted on June 07, 2023 in Car Accidents

Orland Park, IL Car Accident Injury LawyerChronic pain impacts every aspect of a person’s life. It is not only the physical pain that causes suffering, but also the stress, sleeplessness, unease, and despair caused by being in constant pain.  

If you or a loved one have suffered chronic pain because of your car accident injuries, you may be able to file a personal injury claim and recover financial compensation for your damages.

Monetary damages cannot take away your pain, but the compensation may cover the cost of pain-relieving medication and medical treatment, lost income from missed work, and other expenses. Bringing a successful personal injury claim can also provide a sense of justice and closure regarding the accident.

Personal Injury Claims in Illinois

When an injury is caused by another party’s negligence, that party may be liable for damages. In the context of car accidents, the liable party is often another driver. Negligent driving may involve texting while driving, speeding, failure to yield, intoxicated driving, or other forms of unsafe driving.

The liable party in a car accident case may also be the party that designed, manufactured, or sold a defective vehicle component, a business, a trucking company, or another party who acted negligently.

To win a personal injury claim and recover compensation, you will need to prove that the other party’s actions caused your injuries and those injuries caused your damages. In most cases, an insurance company is responsible for paying your compensation. Your personal injury lawyer may negotiate a settlement with the insurance company or, if needed, file a personal injury lawsuit and fight for compensation through the court system. In rare cases, a case may go all the way to trial.

Types Of Financial Compensation To Which You May Be Entitled

The amount of compensation a car accident victim can receive varies from case to case. Your potential payout will be based on the nature of the accident, the severity of your injuries, the medical care you require because of the injuries, and the impact the injuries had on your life.

You may be entitled to compensation for your past and future medical expenses related to the accident, your lost wages, your lost earning capacity, and other financial losses. Illinois law also allows for the recovery of compensation for non-financial damages, including your physical pain, emotional suffering, mental anguish, reduced quality of life, disability, and disfigurement.

Contact Our Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers to Learn More

If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident and now suffer from chronic pain, you may be able to take legal action and recover financial compensation. However, it is important to act quickly. The statute of limitations limits when a person can file a personal injury lawsuit in Illinois. Call our Orland Park car accident injury attorneys at 708-888-2160 for a free initial consultation.


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