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Is Speed the Reason for All Motorcycle Accidents?

 Posted on July 03, 2024 in Motorcycle Accidents

Kendall County Head Trauma LawyerWhen discussing motorcycle safety, speed is often cited as one of the primary causes of motorcycle accidents. After all, motorcycles are associated with adrenaline-pumping acceleration with their sleek and agile designs.  But is speed really the primary reason for all motorcycle accidents? The short answer is no. While speed can certainly play a role, it is not the sole culprit.

If you were in a motorcycle accident and are looking for legal help, attorneys are available to investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and whether pursuing damages is something you should consider.

Human Error in Causing Motorcycle Accidents

Human error is a major factor in many motorcycle accidents. A rider might misjudge a turn, fail to notice a hazard in time, or even succumb to fatigue. For example, distracted riding, whether due to mobile phones, fancy gadgets on the bike, or even stress, can lead to devastating outcomes. Unlike cars, motorcycles do not offer the same protective shell, making riders more vulnerable to injuries.

Environmental Factors in Causing Motorcycle Accidents

Believe it or not, the environment can be a major cause of motorcyclist accidents. Wet roads, loose gravel, and unexpected obstacles like potholes can turn a simple ride into a dangerous challenge. Unlike their four-wheeled counterparts, motorcycles require a fine balance that can be easily affected by slippery or uneven surfaces. Bad weather can also reduce visibility for both the rider and other motorists, drastically increasing the risk of an accident.

Mechanical Failure in Causing Motorcycle Accidents

Like any other vehicle, motorcycles require regular maintenance to perform optimally. Tire blowouts, brake failures, or malfunctioning lights can be catastrophic on two wheels. Riders who neglect regular maintenance checks put themselves and others at considerable risk. Ensuring that your bike is in top-notch condition can go a long way in preventing accidents.

Interactions with Other Vehicles in Causing Motorcycle Accidents

One of the most perilous aspects of riding a motorcycle is interacting with other vehicles on the road. Cars and trucks often fail to notice motorcycles because of their smaller size, which can lead to devastating accidents. Common scenarios include vehicles making left turns across traffic, changing lanes without checking blind spots, or following too closely. Defensive riding and increased awareness can help mitigate these risks but cannot eliminate them entirely.

Alcohol and Substance Use in Causing Motorcycle Accidents

Riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a surefire way to increase the risk of an accident. Impaired judgment, slower reaction times, and decreased coordination all contribute to making riding dangerous. It is important for motorcyclists (and all drivers, for that matter) to keep substance use far from the driving equation.

Contact a Will County, IL Motorcycle Accident Attorney

While speed is an important factor in many motorcycle accidents, it is far from the only one. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, the Kendall County, IL motorcycle accident lawyers with Schwartz Injury Law can help. Call 708-888-2160 for a free consultation.

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