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Is There Anything I Can Do If My Spouse Was Killed in an Illinois Motorcycle Accident? 

 Posted on February 11, 2022 in Personal Injury

joliet wrongful death lawyerEvery year in the United States, around 5,000 lives are tragically lost in motorcycle accidents and around 80,000 more motorcycle drivers are injured. More than ten times as many men die in motorcycle accidents as women, and drivers under age 35 cause are involved in a significant majority of motorcycle accidents.

Regardless of the age or family status of the victim, when a loved one is suddenly lost in a motorcycle accident, it is a shock and tragedy for the ones left behind. When the victim is a parent and breadwinner, the family he or she leaves behind can be left reeling, uncertain of what the future holds. If someone you love has suffered a wrongful death in a motorcycle accident in Illinois because of the negligent actions of another person, you may be able to pursue justice in the form of financial compensation. While a lawsuit can never bring back your loved one, it has the potential to provide much-needed financial security and some stability for the future.

When Is a Fatal Motorcycle Accident a Wrongful Death? 

When another driver’s reckless behavior causes a fatal accident, the victim’s family may be able to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. If a crash was caused by an issue other than a driver’s behavior, such as an improperly loaded vehicle or a defective motorcycle product, the person responsible may be held liable as well. The most common causes of wrongful motorcycle fatal accidents include: 

  • A driver speeding recklessly

  • A driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • A driver who falls asleep at the wheel 

  • A poorly loaded truck or other vehicle

  • Improperly maintained tires 

  • Poorly lit, marked, or maintained roads 

  • Left-hand turns with low visibility 

Fatal accidents can leave a family feeling confused and unsure of where to turn for help. The prospect of a lawsuit can feel overwhelming. Yet taking action quickly is important, not only for collecting evidence and building a strong case, but for ensuring Illinois’ two-year statute of limitations does not run out. Having a supportive attorney with experience handling wrongful death cases can allow you to pursue justice without the added stress of a lawsuit.

Meet with a Compassionate Cook County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

At Schwartz Injury Law, our attorneys have a proven track record of successful results in fatal road collisions. We exhaust every option to ensure you get the best representation and advocate passionately on each client’s behalf. We also recognize that the time following a loved one’s death is a difficult and sorrowful time, and will handle your case with the respect it deserves. You can schedule a free case review with one of our experienced Cook County motorcycle accident lawyers for a no-pressure consultation and find out more about whether pursuing a lawsuit is right for you. Call us today at 708-888-2160.


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