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Three Recent Product Recalls That Made Headlines

Posted on in Defective Products

Will County defective products lawyersHave you ever wondered who is accountable for making sure the products we use every day are safe to be used? The answer can vary depending on the specific product in question, but one independent federal regulatory agency is at the center of product safety in the United States. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is a government organization that examines products for safety and removes unsafe products through recalls. The agency controls over 15,000 products including children’s toys and furniture, household appliances, power tools, and even fireworks. Throughout the years, the CPSC has had to wield its power through recalls in order to keep consumers like you and me safe. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is similar to the CPSC and regulates motor vehicle safety.

General Motors Issues Huge Recall Due to Dangerous Defect

Product recalls are generally voluntary, meaning that the company in question is asked—but not required—to remove products from shelves to address dangerous problems. In February of 2014, General Motors made international headlines when it was exposed that some GM vehicles had faulty ignition switches. Terrifyingly, the malfunctioning switches could deactivate the engine, power steering, brakes, and airbag-inflation mechanisms while the vehicles were being driven. At least 31 car accidents have been directly linked to these faulty ignition switches, and 13 individuals lost their lives in incidents involving the defective vehicles. Families of those injured and killed have brought several lawsuits against General Motors. Data shows that the automotive industry accounts for over 70 percent of the value of all recall-related insurance losses in any given year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones Can Catch Fire

Samsung, the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, took a huge blow to both their reputation as well as their bottom line when they were forced to recall millions of their innovative Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in 2016. The recall was prompted by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission after itt received almost 100 separate reports of the phones spontaneously catching fire. Several class action lawsuits have been brought against the cooperation.

Takata Air Bags Are Still Being Recalled and Repaired

You may remember when the safety of Takata automotive airbags was first called into question nearly a decade ago. Defective air-bag inflators manufactured by the now-bankrupt Takata were installed in millions of vehicles across the globe. When it was discovered that the faulty inflators could explode and discharge shrapnel into the vehicle’s passenger compartment, one of the largest recalls in world history was launched. The NHTSA says that the recall may take until 2023 to completely resolve. At least 20 deaths have been linked to the defective airbag inflators.

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