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Proving a Distracted Driver Caused Your Accident 

 Posted on February 09, 2024 in Car Accidents

Blog ImageIn today’s technology-driven world, distracted driving has rapidly become a leading cause of car accidents. Proving that a distracted driver caused your accident is a crucial element in seeking compensation. If you believe distracted driving was to blame for your accident and subsequent injuries, contact a knowledgeable attorney in Illinois to give yourself the most favorable opportunity to pursue compensation related to your injuries. 

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is a cause of many personal injury cases in Illinois, and is any activity that diverts a driver’s attention from the road. Common distractions include texting, talking on the phone, eating, grooming, or using in-car technologies like the radio or GPS. To prove that a distracted driver caused your accident, you must gather evidence demonstrating the driver’s negligence in engaging in such activities while driving. 

Collecting Evidence

To build a strong case, collecting as much evidence as possible is imperative. This may include testimony of eyewitnesses to the accident, photographs or videos of the accident scene, police reports, phone records, and any other relevant documentation. Eyewitness accounts can be especially valuable in establishing that the driver was distracted during the accident. 

Connecting the Distracted Driving to the Accident

Proving that the distracted driver’s actions directly caused the accident is critical in any personal injury case. This can be done by demonstrating a clear link between the driver’s distraction and the accident. Professional testimony, accident reconstruction reports, and medical records can help establish this causal connection.

Demonstrating and Establishing Negligence 

To prove that a distracted driver caused your accident, an important step in your case will be establishing negligence. This will require demonstrating the distracted driver owed you a duty of care and breached that duty by driving distracted, with that breach directly resulting in your injuries and damages. A skilled personal injury lawyer can help navigate the legal complexities associated with proving negligence in a personal injury case.

Contact Our Joliet, IL Car Accident Attorney

Proving that a distracted driver caused your accident requires a robust understanding of the legal process of a personal injury lawsuit, as well as the ability to gather compelling evidence. Luckily, becoming an overnight attorney and learning all you need regarding personal injury will not be necessary for those injured by distracted drivers. Legal professionals are just a phone call away and can handle your case from beginning to end. Contact the skilled Will County, IL car accident lawyers with Schwartz Injury Law. Call 708-888-2160 for a free consultation.

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