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What Are My Legal Options if My Child Was Injured in a Car Accident?

 Posted on August 31, 2020 in Car Accidents

Cook County personal injury attorney car accident

When a motorist drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI), drives while distracted, or is otherwise negligent, the driver jeopardizes the lives of everyone on the road, including innocent children. In 2017, nearly 700 children died in car accidents and almost 116,000 suffered injuries. If your child was hurt in a car accident, you may justifiably feel angry, confused, and overwhelmed. You may be unsure of the steps you should take to hold the negligent diver accountable for his or her actions. You may also have concerns about how you will pay for the costs incurred by your child’s injury.

Insurance Companies Are Often Quick to Offer Inadequate Settlements

Car accidents can leave lasting physical and mental scars. A child who is severely injured by the negligent actions of another driver may suffer painful, debilitating injuries that require months if not years of medical treatment. When anyone is injured in a car accident, they may assume that the responsible party’s insurance company will reimburse them for the damages incurred in the accident. Unfortunately, insurance companies often offer compensation that only covers part of the injured party’s damages. In many cases, a personal injury claim is the best way to obtain the full compensation you and your injured child deserve. Through a personal injury claim, you may be entitled to compensation for your child’s pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical expenses, disability, disfigurement, and more.

Start Gathering Evidence Now

Most personal injury claims involving car accidents hinge upon the responsible party’s negligence. You and your lawyer will need to prove that the at-fault driver’s actions caused your child’s injuries. Make sure to save copies of all of your child’s medical records and any other evidence from the accident. Pictures and videos of the accident scene as well as statements from witnesses are often particularly valuable during personal injury claims. Your attorney will help you uncover additional sources of evidence such as footage from dash cameras and CCTV cameras, data from Event Data Recorders, police reports, and more.

Contact a Glen Ellyn Car Accident Lawyer

No child should ever be injured because of an adult’s negligence. If your child was hurt in a car accident, contact Schwartz Injury Law to learn more about filing a personal injury claim. We may be able to help you hold the negligent party accountable while also recovering compensation for your child’s injuries. Call our office today at 630-349-2325 and schedule a free consultation and case review with one of our skilled Orland Park, IL personal injury attorneys.



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